The Fugue System 2.0

As I work on the Fugue System 2.0, I wanted to sneak peak a few things….
like the new Character write up, Gone are Clichés instead replaced by ‘Persona’.
Here is an example;


Persona of Sam Mason (Body: +2 Mind: +1 Soul: 0 ) HT: 10 MHT: 8
Sam is a warrior and armorer from the small town of Golio.
He is a brooding self-absorbed kind of guy, lacking nothing however, in compassion, willing to do anything for a friend or someone in need.
Sam wants to someday have a farm and a small family.
Sam is a lower class citizen and must prove his worth to the matriarch of Golio, before he can marry, or own land.
Armorer (Good +1)
Plate armor (Average 0)
Trapping ( Good +1)
Farming (Average 0)


A new fugue Ladder too!

Adjective / Mod
Great             +3
Very Good    +2
Good             +1
Average ­       +0
Unskilled       -2

And a new Difficulty rating system;

Difficulty /Mod/ Difficulty
Very Hard   +3         11
Hard            +2         9
Average      +1         7
Easy            +0         5