A System vs Game

What is Roleplaying?

Roleplaying is a “the acting out or performance of a particular role”, and that is exactly what is done in a Roleplaying game. You take on the part of a character in a story that was created for your enjoyment, facilitated by a Game Master and adjudged by the rules system.

What is a Roleplaying game?

A Roleplaying game is a system of rules that helps the players and the storyteller create and play through a game in an imaginary world. A Roleplaying game has background information and world information, to explain the setting of the stories that the game was created to facilitate.

What then is a Roleplaying System?

A Roleplaying system, like ‘The Fugue System’, is only the rules. The core of how it all works, without the background and world information. Allowing the Storyteller and the players to come up with the settings for the game.