Mounts in Daydream: fantasy

The Fugue system can be altered by Daydreams. Booklets that explain and add to the game based on genre.  The first Daydream will be ‘fantasy’. here is a mount created…

Example PC Nigel. FS2

  While working on the rules for Fugue System 2.0, I decided to create a character for all of the examples. This is Nigel.

New Fugue Ladder 2.0

After thinking about the large and kind of unwieldy fugue ladder, I figured that a bit of shoring up was in need. Fugue Ladder Level Mod Great +3 Very Good…

The Fugue System 2.0

As I work on the Fugue System 2.0, I wanted to sneak peak a few things…. like the new Character write up, Gone are Clichés instead replaced by ‘Persona’. Here…

Conversions: For The Fugue System

Working on a conversion sheet for the Fugue System, this is what I have so far. Looking for feedback on this.     Fugue Conversions Everything follows this “basic pattern”….