We are dedicated to creating fast paced, universal open rules lite systems.

Fugue Games LogoOur Games use a convention, called the “Cliché”. A Cliché is a simple 1 or 2 lines that describes your character in a way that stats, and skill lists sometimes cannot.

Example Cliché; Shelly is a bear trapper from the far north, who loves to live off the land surviving in challenging environments, and has a fascination with minimalist art.

The games so far;

  • The Fugue System- A flowing story driven roleplaying experience, without a lot of dice rolls and calculations.
  • Stargazing - Stargazing is a roleplaying game for kids, that is  about imagination and creating.  Stargazing does not have spell lists or set restrictions on what can be done, as long as it’s plausible!
  • Daydream - a rules lite system for adding Roleplaying to non -rpg games.
You can now get our games from, Drivethrurpg.com
They are all “Pay what you want”, including “free”.